Maine Aquaculture Webinar Series

Explore experiences, innovations, and opportunities in Maine’s aquaculture scene on the third Friday of every month with the Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center! Webinars are from noon to 1:00 and are FREE to attend.

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Kohl Kanwit | Maine Department of Marine Resources

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This webinar series is hosted by the Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center (MAIC) as part of the Maine Aquaculture Hub.

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Looking for recent 2024 MAIC webinars? View the recordings below!

January, 2024:

Alaskan Kelp Farming | David Leith | Maine Family Seafarm Coop

February, 2024:

Legal Considerations for Aquaculture | Eaton Peabody Attorneys at Law

March, 2024:

Best Movement Practices for Your Farm | Toni Small | FishAbility & Ice House Oysters

April, 2024:

Tips for Effective Social Media Engagement | Kim Thompson, Trixie Betz, Alicia Gaiero, & Paxton Spencer

MAY, 2024:

The Aquaculture of Green Sea Urchins in New England| Coleen Suckling, Dana Morse, & Luz Kogson

Did you miss a 2023 MAIC webinar? View the recordings below!

February, 2023:

Free Market Research Tools | Tricia Labbe | Atlantic Corporation

March, 2023:

Lessons from Nordic Kelp Farmers | Mitch Lench | Ocean’s Balance

April, 2023:

Seaweed Processing | Casey Balin & Peter Rahn | Atlantic Sea Farms

May, 2023:

Austrailian Oysters| Jacqueline Clark, SoPo Seafood | Alicia Gaiero, Nauti Sisters Sea Farm

June, 2023:

Aquaculture Tech Transfer | Hugh Cowperthwaite | Coastal Enterprises, Inc.

July, 2023:

Gulf Coast Oysters | Libby Davis | Lady Shuckers

August, 2023:

Social License to Operate | Emily Whitmore | Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center

September, 2023:

Aquaculture Site Selection| Tom Kiffney | The University of Maine

October, 2023:

Women-run Aquaculture Cooperatives | Amanda Moeser | Lanes Island Oysters

November, 2023:

West Coast Shellfish| Kyle Pepperman, Downeast Institute | Evan Young, Blue Hill Bay Mussels

December, 2023:

Diploid and Triploid Oysters | Tom Kiffney | The University of Maine