Educational Resources





Maine has a variety of high quality educational programs available to aquaculturalists, including:


Downeast Institute for Applied Marine Research and Education operates a summertime marine science camp at various grade levels

Island Institute supports island communities with various education programs including participation in the “Aquaculture in Shared Waters Program

Maine Sea Grant’s marine extension team members provide training and general assistance in the finfish, shellfish and sea vegetable sectors

Northeast Aquaculture Conference & Exposition held biennally, brings together industry members, service providers, researchers and resource managers in an informal setting to share new technologies, the latest findings in aquaculture research and to strengthen and develop new partnerships

Unity College’s Aquaculture Lab supports students in the marine biology major

University of Maine Aquaculture Research Institute conducts respected, relevant and responsive research targeted at improving efficiency, profitability and sustainability of existing and emerging aquaculture in Maine and the USA

University of Maine Foster Student Innovation Center helps students and community members develop a mindset and skillset for creating, testing, and achieving ideas

University of Maine School of Marine Sciences offers an undergraduate marine sciences BS degree with a minor in aquaculture

University of New England offers a undergraduate major in aquaculture and aquarium science