The MAIC Team

Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center (MAIC) is proud to work with the following individuals who specialize in various aspects of Maine’s aquaculture industry, including applied natural science research, social science research, education, and science communication. If you are interested in learning more about projects the MAIC team is working on, please see our current and recent research pages or contact us.



CHRIS DAVIS, Ph.D. Chris has served as Executive Director of the Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center, since 2004. His responsibilities include conducting aquaculture research, overseeing ongoing research projects funded by the Center, conducting outreach and education activities, providing support services for the aquaculture business incubators in partnership with the University of Maine and serving as Conference Manager for the Northeast Aquaculture Conference and Exposition. Davis currently or has past served as a board member of the Maine Technology Institute, Maine Innovation Economy Advisory Board, Maine Aquaculture Association, Maine Department of Marine Resources Aquaculture Advisory Council and president of the National Shellfisheries Association.






ANNE LANGSTON NOLL, Ph.D. Anne is an aquaculture researcher and project manager, an oyster farmer, and a marine educator based in Orland, Maine. Her career in aquaculture began in Scotland in 1995 at the Scottish Office Fisheries Research Service marine laboratory in Aberdeen, and from there led to work-related aquaculture adventures in Norway, Ireland, and elsewhere in Scotland. Anne moved from Scotland to Maine in 2011 and was the inaugural Associate Director of the Aquaculture Research Institute at the University of Maine. Anne joined the MAIC in 2020.







EMILY WHITMORE, Ph.D. Emily is a social scientist focused on social dimensions of aquaculture development. She joined MAIC in 2022 to develop guidance for farmers on how to work with communities. Though her research is in aquaculture, she is actually a land farmer based in Hollis, Maine. She received her doctorate from the University of New Hampshire.







SYDNEY AVENA, B.S. Sydney has been working with MAIC since 2020, with prior research projects focused on the social license to operate for aquaculture and on new growout technologies for juvenile Atlantic sea scallops. Currently, she is a research assistant and M.S. student at the University of Maine’s Darling Marine Center where she works to “crack the shell” of sea scallop hatchery production. Sydney is part of a collaborative effort between industry and academia to improve the survival and growth of larval sea scallops, with an end goal of producing reliable and reproducible hatchery protocols.






MAYA PELLETIER, B.A. Maya joined MAIC in 2023 to work on projects promoting accessibility of aquaculture education and science communication. Prior to being part of the MAIC team, she coordinated a citizen science research initiative to investigate Maine’s intertidal seaweeds and participated in development of inclusive education initiatives for STEM fields at Vassar College. Maya grew up on the Maine coast and has experience working on an oyster farm.