MAIC Publications

Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center Publications are available as PDFs, however not all are available for immediate download at this time. Please email your request. Use our search function in the navigation bar to look for specific authors or topics.

Project / Author

03-17 FR Presentation @ Feb. 2003 Maine Fishermens’ Forum, Power Point / Howard M. Johnson

02-15 FR Cobscook Bay Nutrient Study / David W. Townsend

99-08 FR Saltwater Tank In the Classroom / Susan O’Brian
99-10 FR The Culture of Japanese Scallops: Report of the Maine Delegation to Amori Prefecture, Japan / Brian F. Beal
99-11 FR Development Potential of Maine Sallop Industry Gardner Pinfold Consulting Economists Ltd.
99-12 FR Optimization of Tidal Upweller Design / John Riley, Dana Morse
99-15 FR Gometogenesis in a Sympatric Population of Blue Mussels (Mytilus edulis) and (Mytilus trossulus), from Cobscook Bay Maine / Bruce Barber, Paul Rawson
99-17 FR Survival Enhancement of Wild Caught Fish species for Research, Broodstock Procurement and Commercial Live Market Sales / Tim Linley

98-16 FR Optimum Time of First Feeding of Larval Atlantic Halibut (Hipoglassus hippoglossus) / Dr. Linda S. Kling
98-17 FR Sea Scallop Demonstration Project / Thomas Pottle
98-18 FR Study of Northwestern Hawaiian Island Lobster Fishery Discards / Dr. Ralph E. Townsend
98-19 FR Effects of Algal Diets on Sea Scallops / Dr. Brian Beal
1998 A Comparison Study Between The Mussel Rope Culture Seeding Techniques of Hand Socking vs. The Aguin Automatic Roping Machine / Corrie M. Roberts

97-02 FR Outreach Coordinator for Maine Costwide Clam Farm / Donna Johnston
97-08 FR Proposal to Increase Shad Hatchery Production and Development / arolyn S. Chapman, & Samuel R. Chapman
97-13 Use of Antibacterials to Investigate the Ethological Agent of JOD in (Crassest virginica) / Dr. Linda Kling
97-16 FR Evaluatition of Mesh Tent Structure for the Enhancement of Soft Shell Clams / Lori A Howell
97-18 FR UpEast Mussel Grant (Quarterly News) / N/A

96-09 FR Research Proposal to Study Sea Urhin Aquaculture / Timothy Dowling
96-10 FR Sea Live Control in Maine / Birgetta Pahl
96-14 FR Hatchery Production and Culture of Sucker Fish / Carolyn & Sam Chapman, Nancy & Dennis Bubar, & David Whitten
96-19 FR Effects of Excavating Marine Interidalal Sediments for Comercial Size Individuals of the Soft-Shell Clam and Blood Worms / Brian F. Beal
96-21 FR Use of Molecular Probes for Detection of Bonamia ostreae in Oysters / Bruce J. Barber

95-2 FR Finfish Aquaculture Specialist (Monthly Reports � 4) / Chris Bartlett
95-3 FR Gonadal Neoplasms in Clams – Mya arenaria: Mortality and areal Distribution / Bruce J. Barber
95-4 FR Database and Monitoring Systems for Fish Diseases in Maine and shared Watersheds 1986-1995 / N/A
95-5 FR Effect of Timing of Spat Deployment on Growth and Mortality of Oysters (Crasaostrea virginica) caused by Juvenile Oyster Disease / Bruce J. Barber

94-2 FR Genetic Lines (Quarterly Reports) / Bruce J. Barber
94-04 Nutrition and Feeding Management Studies During The Early Life Stages of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) / Dr. Linda Kling
94-8 FR Fish Blood Extraction System / Evelyn Sawyer
94-11b FR Slection of Oysters / Bruce J. Barber, Chris Davis, & Robert O. Hawes

93-00 FR Aquaculture Coordinator / Bruce J. Barber
93-1 FR Mya Arenaria Study / Richard Clime, Ralph Townsend
93-2 FR Salmon Enhancement Project / N/A
93-3 FR Summer Fellowship in Aquaculture / Kenneth J. La Valley
93-4 FR Summer Fellowship in Agronomy / Stephen Toothaker
93-9 FR Bivalve Diseases / Bruce J. Barber, Chris Davis
93-11 FR Advances in Mariculture / Craig Lithgow
93-12 FR Volunteer Water Quality / Esperanza Stancioff
93-13 FR Possible Cytotoxic Effects / Sandra E. Shumway, & Roxanna Smolowitz
93-14 FPR Soft Shell Clam Culture / N/A
93-15 FR Great Eastern Mussel Farms / Carter Newell
93-16 FR Effect of Management Practices / R. Shaw, & M. Opitz
93-26 FR Method to disinfect Bloodwater / James McClare

92-6 FR Volunteer Citizen Water Progress Quality Reports / Esperanza Stancioff
92-7 FR Overwintering of Soft Shell Clams / Brian F. Beal
92-13 FR Cold Resistant Rainbow Trout / Ralph C. Hamill
92-15 FR Halibut Larval Feeding- Phase II / Michael C. Kacergis
92-17 FR Genetic Improvement of Shellfish / Christopher V. Davis, & R.O. Hawes
92-20 FR Hatchery Spawning of 3 Clam Species / Christopher V. Davis, Kevin C. Scully, & Sandra E. Shumway
92-21 FR Possible Introduction of Pacific Oysters to Maine / Greg Shatkin
92-22 FR Site Selection for Production of Nori / Stephen E. Crawford
92-23 FR Salmon Sausage / Therese M. Work
92-24 FR Shad Restoration / Bill Moulton, & Samuel Chapman

91-2 FR Monitoring Aquaculture Permitting / Tim Eichenberg
91-3 FR Financing Aquaculture / John Ferland
91-8 FR Value Added Salmon / Therese M. Work, & Stephanie Peavey
91-10 FR Utilization of Fish Processing / L.J. Kling, S. Goldhor, R. Giurca, & R.E. Levin
91-12 FR Volunteer Quality Monitoring / Esperanza Stancioff
91-13 FR Effect of Net-Pen Aquaculture / Robert H. Findlay, Les Watling, & Lawrence M. Mayer
91-14 FR Polyculture of Commercial / Schuyler T. Belle
91-15 FR Collection of Culture of Seaweed / Carl Karuch
91-20 FR Seafood Product Development / Stephanie Peavey
91-21 FR Juvenile Oyster Mortality / Christopher V. Davis

90-1 FR Composting Salmon Processing / Woods End Research Laboratory
90-4 FR Behavior of Lobsters / Christopher J. Irivine
90-7 FR Develoment of Value Added Products / Therese M. Work, & Stephanie Peavey
90-8 FR MSX Testing Program / Stuart W. Sherburne, & Laurie L. Bean
90-9 FR Lobster Enhancement Program � Phase II / Bob Steneck

89-4 FR Tidal Upwelling Nursery / Peter Angis
89-5 FR Raft Based Nursery System / Craig Lithgow
89-7 FR Lobster Enhancement Program Phase I (2-Reports) / Bob Steneck
89-9 FR Investigation of Aquaculture of Surf Clams / Allen Myers, Edward Myers, & Samuel Chapman
89-10 FR Effect of Fishpen Aquaculture on Lobster Harvest / Robert Bayer
89-11 FR Virulence Factor and Antibiotic Resistance Pattern / John T Singer
89-13 FR Clam Raft / Scott Shepard
89-14 FR Satellite Remote Sensing / Janet W. Campbell, & Jean C. Garside
89-17 FR Deodorization of Fish Waste / David S. Page, & Barbara T. Page
89-18 FR GPS Systems to Support Aquaculture / Alfred Leick, Inseong Song, & Quanjiang Liu
89-20 FR Aquaculture in Maine / Kathleen Lignell